A castle as most imagine it, with a drawbridge and battlements

The Folding Castle Dice Tower

Creating a New Dice Tower


A folding castle dice tower pictured in blue.The classic folding castle dice tower is a wonderful design, but we felt it lacked one thing: The only piece that looks like a castle are the battlements along the top. Customers loved the folding dice trays that allowed for compact storage, but we wanted to bring more to the design than a simple square with some folding trays. During production, we also had regular issues with the fitment of the hinges. Many failed to meet our quality control standards, and we had to make several modifications to the design to make them work.

After examining the existing design, we went to the drawing board and started work on a new design that would focus on bringing out the best in the folding castle. The challenge was to keep the same modular design, but to modify the appearance to really bring out the castle in the design.

Our first focus was on the trays. In the new dice tower, we wanted to really focus on the castle aesthetic. When imagining a castle, one starts thinking of battlements, drawbridges, and tall narrow windows. We took our new design in this direction. In particular, the challenge came with trying to find a way to make form and function meet. Having a dice tower look like a castle is great, but it needs to still work as a dice tower.

The ramps were a particular challenge: it was important to make it clear which side the dice would come out, but also keep them from exiting the tower too fast. If the ramps are too steep, the dice can bounce and the trays will fail to retain them in place. The spiral ramp design we came up with allowed the dice to get a good roll, but would help keep the speed of the dice down by pushing them against the wall. In addition to keeping the speed of the dice down, this also aided in getting good rolls from the dice by increasing the number of bounces during the roll.

A castle as most imagine it, with a drawbridge and battlementsOur final design had a strong focus on really bringing out the smaller features that really bring a castle to life. The windows have sills, the drawbridge is made of planks, and there’s a chain that runs down to support the rails! The new dice tower feels much more complete, and would look at home in any medieval set.

With all the new features we brought, the features that our customers love are still there. The trays on the dice tower latch in place, and the dice will enter and exit the tower on the same side. This last piece helps avoid confusion during big rolls, where two players may be rolling against each other or dice in separate sides may have separate meanings.

Check it out!


Our new dice tower in use

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