Our new Betrayal Piece Holder is out!

The new Betrayal Piece Holder

Our original betrayal piece holder, with only enough room for the base pieces.
Our original Betrayal Piece Holder

The piece holder for Betrayal at House on the Hill is a very popular item, but there was quite a bit of feedback that drove us to make a new design. We spent quite a bit of time looking at the design, figuring out how to make a piece holder that was a step above what we currently were delivering.

More room for more pieces

The Widow’s Walk expansion adds an entirely new floor, as well as 50 new room tiles to the game. Several new haunts are added, along with new tokens and piece holders that add even more depth to the game. The original piece holder works well, but does not properly accommodate these additional tokens. We made a complete refit: There’s now room for all of the pieces in the expansion, the players, and the player tokens.

Store it sideways

Many of our customers remarked that they store their game on the side, and the existing piece holder made that all but impossible. With multiple interior layers, the lid was a unique challenge. A special locking mechanism keeps the internal pieces in place while being stored, and still allows for easy access to a well-organized set of game pieces. All of the game pieces are now easily at your fingertips, and can be grabbed as needed during play.

Check it out!

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