A Baofeng UV-5R in Megafly's ball mount

Need a Place to Mount Your Baofeng?

For handheld radios, the Baofeng UV-5R and F8-HP is a very popular first choice for radios. These handheld radios feature UHF and VHF radio bands, as well as support for national weather radio bands and FM radio tuning. With their versatility and stout package, the Baofeng has become a brand of choice for the offroading community, which is beginning to prefer the UHF and VHF bands over the classic CB radio option.

When it comes to mounting these radios, many are left with wedging the radio into a corner of their dash, or leaving it in a cup holder. This takes up precious interior room, and can leave the radio loose in the cab: a potentially risky situation.

Megafly has developed a unique solution to this problem: A mount that is compatible with a standard 1″ ball mount that will hold the Baofeng securely in place. The locking mount attaches to the radio’s built-in clasp at the base, with an additional locking point at the top. Compatible with both the compact and large batteries for the Baofeng, this mount will securely retain the radio even in rough off-road situations.

The specially designed locking mechanism is designed to allow users to place and remove the radio with one hand, making for quick access if the driver needs to leave the cab with the radio in hand.

Check out our mount here!

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