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The process of taking a design from a 3D model to a tangible product is the most logistically overwhelming part of the engineering process. Manufacturing can absorb most of the funding allocated for a project, and distracts designers from design intent. Megafly focuses on reducing these costs: we specialize in taking a design from a 3D design to a physical model in a timely manner.

Our diagnostic tools and processes help designers improve models more effectively.

We both help manufacture our customers’ designs as well as create designs in-house. Our experience on both sides of the table will help reduce overhead time, and get designs into your hands faster. Some companies will charge for adjustments to tolerance and fitments as though they were a completely new design; in response, designers waste time being overly cautious with their work. Megafly helps your designers move with confidence: our estimates account for the rapid prototyping process, and we will work with your designers to help reduce time to a final model.

“Analysis paralysis” stretches project times and increases labor costs. Megafly helps keep designers focused by reducing overhead in prototyping, and creating designs. We work hard to maintain a reputation for timeliness, quality, and satisfaction. Our goal is to help you accomplish your project, and getting a finished design in your hands as soon as possible.

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