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One of the hardest pieces of putting together a project is finding all the components needed to make it happen. The final vision is tangible and describable, but the details of getting there can make the project feel nearly impossible. Many larger scale projects often need custom components created, and this can make a project that much more difficult.

When fabrication and custom design gets involved, these projects can take even longer. Even when the task is relatively simple, a design may take over a week to get an initial iteration sent to manufacturing. Often, the cost of an initial prototype can be high enough that the designer has to inherit extra risk, and takes more time to make sure they have their designs right.

3D modeling and prototyping can either be performed by Megafly, or we can focus on manufacturing.

Meanwhile, all of this design and double checking can add days and months to a project, and the cost associated with it. Megafly specializes in getting something tangible into your hands right away, so you can focus on your goal.

Our process starts with an initial consultation, we’ll talk to you about what your needs are, and figure out how we can help you best. The initial consultation will include a rough outline of timing, pricing, as well as discussing how to go forward. Whether you need design work or just manufacturing done, we can meet your needs.

Whether our design or yours, we’ll make sure we get a good fitment worked out, and get a prototype to you. For smaller-scope projects, the initial turnaround on a prototype can be done within the same business week. Shipping is always free and included in the cost of your quote, and we’ll get your solution to you as soon as possible.

Once your design is ready, we’ll get it shipped to you right away. We’ll work with you to work on design changes, and tolerance adjustments for the printing process. Updating a component instead of printing a new one? We offer discounted rates on alterations to existing designs, and will help collaborate with you to get your design into your hands.

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